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Working Together Towards a Positive, Healthy Future

Our food and commissary partnerships include a commitment to rehabilitating individuals to transition back into their communities.

We are leaders in the food service and retail industries with over 45 years of experience delivering Correctional food, commissary, and rehabilitative programming.

Our commitment to redefining Corrections service starts with an insights-driven approach and an in-house team of experts in culinary, programming, and commissary retail.

We look for opportunities to innovate the best versions of food-based programs, to ensure a connected and consistent experience for officers, visitors and offenders, while also preparing for release. Our IN2WORK program teaches the fundamentals of food service, resulting in skills and experience that can be leveraged to re-enter the workforce.

We provide our clients with strategic solutions, designed to deliver a safe and positive future.

Our IN2WORK vocational training program has helped reduce recidivism by as much as 30 percent for graduates.


Our innovative programs improve morale and provide training for post-release employment.


Our commissary expertise and resources provide programs for offenders and drive connection.


Our services help keep our facilities clean and our clients and employees safe.


Let us help you concentrate on maintaining a secure facility.